The Ice Limit

The Ice Limit was a decent read.  It was written in 2000 by the Preston and Child team that is more well know for the Pendergast novels.  I’ve reviewed an excellent one here, and a very good one here.  The Ice Limit came after the 2nd Pendergast book, Reliquary, and before the 3rd, The Cabinet of Curiosities.  It’s really a departure from the morbid and dark subterannean themes of those books, and we spend most of our time on the treacherous rolling oceans near the Straits of Magellan, and on the bleak Isla Desolacion.  To the authors credit I at many times felt the whip of ocean wind and squinted at the blinding white ice pack while I sped through this 450+ page read. 

The subject matter was actually a welcome break from gore, as I had just read Reliquary and then the Cabinet in succession.  There’s murder, and mystery but it’s complimented by a whole lot of physics and logistics as the cast of characters struggle with moving the heaviest meteorite ever found from the ends of the earth.  While similar to Lincoln Child’s (Chriton-esque) Deep Storm, I would say it’s a better read, and in hindsight the most enjoyable aspect of the book is the successful transport of the reader to the barren settings within it’s pages.