Still Life With Crows. 5 stars! (by Preston & Child)


That’s pretty much all I have to say. 

Naaa really, this was a great book – and man what an ending.  Seriously, the ending just left me thinking some pretty deep things about humanity… how just maybe a twist and a turn somewhere in our all of past could have sent us all down a much much much  “different” path.  I never expect any deep thoughts when reading adventure, suspense etc fiction, so finding it within these pages was an added bonus.

So again, we have the same subterannean theme that I’ve found in Reliquary, Cabinet of Curiosities… but it’s not really presented to the reader until maybe 80% of the way through the book.  And when it does, it comes hard and fast and you feel like you are in the claustrophic and terrifying darkness.  Most of the book is spent in the endless seas of corn and ultra small-town-go-nowhere middle America (complete with a turkey packing plant).  Preston & Child do a knockup job of transporting you there and it’s not as dull a setting as you would think – I personally had very low expectations as I grabbed it from the store shelf, and found myself proved wrong.

Agent Pendergast is back and shows some more human aspects than in the other books, which for me was welcome.  I’ve got nothing against the Pendergast character, he just seems a little too distant and aristocratic at times for me to fully embrace and relate to him.   He’s paired with a new sidekick – a goth teenager that compliments nicely, I found her a great way to put myself in the scene. Again, reading the jacket cover I didn’t know how they could pull off mixing those two character types together, but they did.

By far, my favorite of the Preston and Child novels.  Interestingly, this wasn’t carried at my local library and (reader be warned) it very well may because of some intensely gruesome and spooky passages.


Still Life with Crows, by Preston and Child