“Eh…” aka Brimstone by Preston and Child

So you may have noticed that I’m on a Preston & Child kick. 

Despite Brimstone , I think I’m still on that kick.  All in all it’s not a bad book, but it’s not even close to any of their previous Pendergast tales.  This one, weighed in at some 750 pages so I was quite curious to dig into it.   But man, it rambles and at times outright bored me.  About 500 pages in I actually went into the library looking for a break – a new read, but decided to hold out and finish this one. 

So.. Interesting crime – decent backdrops – Agathie Christie style supporting characters – Pendergast is a little too perfect in this one (boring) – maybe about 50 pages worth of supporting info which I presume is important for the next in the series .  I have to believe if this book was edited to 400 pages (I’m serious, cut out 40% of it), it could have been as strong as the Cabinet of Curiosities or Reliquary.

Not so..  and it leaves me slightly disenchanted.