and’s free ASP.Net 4, MSSQL 2008 hosting

After months of being too busy, I got a chance to rehost the blog.  This time I’m trying out a free & Microsoft SQL Server hosting service from  I also switched from the XML powered version of to use a SQL server backend.  I needed to do a find and replace, removing all [dbo]. and GO references in the installation script, however, after that the BlogEngine setup SQL worked flawlesly and within a few moments I had a partially working site.

the hosting specs;

when you setup your Somee account you choose the .Net flavor you want 2, 3.5 or 4

  • you can also choose MS SQL2005, or 2008R2.  Both are Express editions (a big reason I dont want to use, as they only allow Access databases)
  • you get 150mb of storage space
  • you get 15mb of SQL data storage, and 20mb of SQL log storage
  • you get a FTP login (another big reason I dont want to use
  • you can host on your own domain (again, Brinkster only allows subdomain hosting)
  • they do place a banner of ads at the top
  • and a link back to down the bottom.  (Though Brinkster has no ads, so far I’m ok with it)

The site management tool is basic and as a free customer you only have a few things you can do; custom errors, report on storage space, setup SQL login, backup your databases, do restores… things like this.
You cant set granular file permissions or create pw protected directories.

Still getting a few odd errors saving certain types of data into BE’s tinyMCE editor windows now and then. will work it out and post the fix.