Blasphemy, by Douglas Preston

Just some ‘fun’ reading, nothing literary about it. That said, much better than Brimstone (I’m still in shock wondering if I want to continue the Pendergrast tales after that one).. I’d give it a 3.85 out of 5 stars. Quick points;

  • Library book.  shows I wasnt willing to part with $ going into the read
  • 400 pages long.  300 pages in I predicted MOST of the ending.  THis always pisses me off.
  • last 15 pages redeemed themselves with a few thougthful twists.
  • Wyman Ford is back (from Tyrannosaur Canyon), this guys easier to relate to.
  • Preston revisits themes of mob hysteria (Reliquary, Brimstone), religious zealots (Brimstone), and subterannean (Almost every one of their books)

Not bad.  Was worth the 20-odd subway rides I spent riding.