Zagg InvisibleShield full body case (for Blackberry Curve) review.

Long story short;

PROS: The screen protector is awesome.  Love it..  Indestructible.. saved my BB many times, it’s like a bullet proof vest

CONS: The full body shield is crap.  Looks good for the first month you put on, and I put it on pretty damn well too… but if you are like me, and you throw your phone in a pocket, laptop bag, business class airplane storage pockets it WILL collect lint, dust, grub, grime sand..  and then it’s just nasty looking ugly.  Any part of the Blackberry Curve that had a.. ehmmm curve pulled away from the body and got crusty. 

The flat pieces looks great after many months of hard use, and by this I mean the front screen and the back battery cover.  They sell Zaggs as screen shield only or as the full body models.  The screen protector is one of the best I’ve ever seen and is IMHO the only thing you need to get as far as Zagg goes.  For the BB body, maybe invest in a silicone case.. I haven’t got one yet so if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know.  I prefer something thin and lightweight covering mostly just the sides and top

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