The (technically adept) parents (shorthand) guide to installing minecraft mods (on windows)

this brief post will be of no use to you unless you’re fairly tech savvy. If you’re not, and say for example, don’t know how to find your …\appdata\roaming\.minecraft folder, then you’re better off trolling youtube for 30 minutes trying to comprehend some script-kiddies rambling video tutorial.. like I did. it hurts

if you think you’re on the same wavelength as me, are as equally busy as I am, and have 2-4 kids begging you daily to help them setup mods then follow on;

1) ask your kids to figure out the bulk of the mods they are dying to install and explain to them you’re gonna install ONE version of minecraft forge and they need to pick the mods that work with that. obviously, it’s in your best interest to pick the forge version that is the same as the majority of mods that they say are ‘must-haves’. yes, there are many version of forge and yup, any mods are made for specific versions. Sometimes the mod developers keep up to date with new forge release – often they don’t. your kids will know which mods they want – you pick the forge version that matches up with the majority of mods they want

2) explain to them you need to know the minecraft forge version. here’s a screenshot showing a bunch of mods with 1.6.4, my son said these are the ones he’s gotta have


3) google and download minecraft forge version that corresponds w/#2 above.

4) make sure minecraft isn’t running, then install minecraft forge. you don’t need to select the ‘server’ version

5) start up minecraft. Click ‘edit profile’ in the lower left, under your child’s username.

6) change the release version to the corresponding version of minecraft forge you just downloaded and installed


7) save the profile, click play – let it load and then quit. this steps simply creates a folder in .minecraft\versions\ that forge will need in place


9) copy the mods to \appdata\roaming\.minecraft\mods folder. best to close the folder afterwords so the kids don’t inadvertently delete anything and coming crying to you. mods are often whole .zip files, but a bunch are also .jar files.
Please – use common sense trolling the web for mods, there’s viruses and questionable content everywhere. ride shotgun surfin the web with the younger kiddos.

10) start up minecraft again, but under profile choose ‘forge’ instead of your child’s username. you will need to login with your child’s usual username & password – it just needs to be done again – under this ‘forge’ profile

voila! if you see “xx mods loaded…” in the lower left hand side of the launcher then you should be good to go!

there’s a bunch of steps you can go wrong on, it took me 20 minutes to make sense of the thousand youtube tutorials the first time, but my kids thank me endlessly now and have found a whole new appreciation for this ‘virtual legos’ game.

Now I have to apologize but I bet there will be a lot of requests for help, and I probably won’t be able to answer more than 2 or 3. I really am sorry, but it’s why I say it’s a shorthand guide. Even just notes for me to remember how to do it in the future.

I may post how to install multiple versions of forge and teach your kids how to back up all their mods for version x.x.x on their desktop and copy the mods for version y.y.y when they want to switch to another version of forge.. but then again I may not post that one.. as I just gave the super shorthand version of it here! 🙂

GOOD LUCK, ad enjoy the endless praise and respect you will get!