Hasegawa Typhoon Mk.IB 1/48 kit

Started this sweet hawker typhoon kit today! Will upload pics as I progress

Pics taken from iPhone and the whole post is being written and published from the WordPress app for iOS.

Kit is nice but a little disappointing in areas such as the wing to fuselage fit. Check out the surprisingly large gap on the top. Luckily the underside is a nice snug fit, but I’m not looking forward to filling in a gap that size wih putty. ūüôĀ










3 thoughts on “Hasegawa Typhoon Mk.IB 1/48 kit

  1. Un modelista al que no le gusta usar masilla en las uniones de una excelente maqueta de Hasegawa porque es decepcionante…?? Y digo… sin intenci√ɬ≥n de ofender ni generar pol√ɬ©mica, cu√ɬ°l es entonces la esencia del modelista aficionado: comprar todo hecho y perfectamente acabado o crear y personalizar sus modelos con su ingenio, conocimientos y habilidades propias del oficio y sus propias manos… !?

  2. La traducci√ɬ≥n de mi comentario anterior saca de contexto muchas expresiones y frases que no tienen nada que ver con lo que coment√ɬ©…!!

  3. Thanks, (I think) ūüôā

    Gotta love Google translate’s butchery.

    “A modeler who does not like to use putty joints an excellent model of Hasegawa’s disappointing because …? And I say … no offense or generate controversy, then what is the essence of amateur modeler: buy everything done perfectly finished or create and customize their models with their wit, knowledge and skills of the trade and own their own hands …?
    The translation of my previous comment out of context many keywords and phrases that have nothing to do with what I said! …”

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