Just received my Raspberry Pi Kit!


Picked up this basic kit from Amazon – has a clear case, Raspberry pi B (512MB) and a usb power supply.

Check out the shipping – it’s just a padded mailer on the bottom of the pic. And it came with these 3 small boxes inside :P. When I looked at the mail I wasn’t sure if it was a paperback I ordered, or if it was the tiny linux computer.

OK, off to build this thing, just need to find a spare 4GB SD card laying around and burn an image to it on my Win7 box. More later




20130805-221501.jpgdidn’t like booting without the USB keyboard plugged in, so pulled out the power cord and rebooted after plugging in the keyboard.

Much better now


man, this is one fast little pc.

i plugged it into an ancient CRT maganvox, 11″ and pulled up the blog, with absolutely no configuration needed


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