Bathroom water damage and floor rot, temporary fix

Man what a pain in the butt.

Preface: we already want to remodel our downstairs bath, some of it we need some contractors (plumbing, electrical wiring aka things you can’t see normally) and the rest.. all the things you can see I will do myself. I want to take my time, maybe a month or two over the weekend and do it right. It will be thoroughly enjoyable. The only problem is, that budget-wise this will NOT be on our schedule for 2 more years… OK.

Back to ‘the now’, I’ve started to notice the floor underneath the cheap vinyl tiling has been feeling spongy near the edge of the shower. Pretty much anyone can tell you that’s not a good thing… it’s just a matter of when are you going to start ripping things apart to see the extent of the damage. I’ve procrastinated because I knew I wouldn’t like what I would find, and needed a whole weekend free of obligations to tear it apart and come up with a plan..

So, today, after a Sapporo, I felt the liquid courage and decided to listen to the voice in my head that luvvvs home demo. ‘do it.. rip it up.. see the rot.. see the decay..’ So that’s what I did. Damn Sapporo, smooth, and tingly, urging me on.

The situation is kinda bad, but not as bad as it could be. All the plywood subflooring for about a 3′ square area is trash. The bottom of the adjacent cabinget wall are also rotted… Even a percentage (maybe 25% of the surface) of the 1900’s thick wooden boards underneath the plywood has rotted.. So that’s bad, but it really does open up my ideas for the complete remodelling 2 years from now.. Basically the shower and cabinet wall needs to get ripped out, all the subflooring and maybe 1 structural floorboard needs to go. With that much demo coming, we can really redo the bathroom however we want… it’s freeing.

Yea, but I need a functioning 2nd bath for 2 years. The plan is to first the damn leak in the shower, now that I can see exactly where it is… then rip and cut out the rot, spray it down with ammonia solution, patch up the flooring with whatever I have in the shop and throw some cheap new vinyl tiles on top.. and be careful no to slop water all over the place until we do things right. Pics of the unplanned project below;