M6.Net was cheap and feature rich. Unfortunately, it was so unreliable I was forced back to Bluehost.com

After 2 years of hosting with M6.net, I simply could not handle the amount of downtime and subsequent tickets I had to submit in order to get service running again.

I was originally drawn to their feature laden .net hosting plans, and after a few months on their cheapest $3 or so plan, I upgraded to their $7 plan so I could host this site, and several low volume sites for my wife’s clients.  There were long periods of time back in 2010 and 2011 when I would go for months without an outage.  (as an fyi, I’ve been happily using uptimerobot.com to automatically monitor the site).

Sometime in 2012 they started crashing monthly, then weekly, and at times daily.  I had to tell support I was going to leave if they cant tell me why I need to keep submitting tickets to reset the sites daily.  The response was that Cpanel was the culprit and they could move me to a new server using websitepanel.  I jumped at the chance.. and heard nothing until one day that decided to migrate me, and broke every !@!# wordpress installation.  Now I’m a software dev manager… after MANY mails to support – the ‘wtf did you do?’ kind..  I decided fix it myself.  So, I set up a new default wordpress install and looked at the default values in the wp.config file to get the new server names, IPs, set proper folder security.  How many regular consumers do you think could handle that themselves?  I pictured people tearing their hair out waiting 3 days for a reply.. man.. hope none of you guys went through that.

The experience was less than impressive…  nevertheless I thought let’s give the new server a chance..   Again fine for  a few months, then the monthly… weekly… daily crashes came.  Only this time the previously very helpful (offshore) support staff would start to say ‘the site appears up’.  Bullshit, I would send screenshots, and meanwhile uptimerobot is filling my mailboxes for notifications on 7 down sites.  I created a subfolder to STORE all of the emails over the last year (screenshot below).  So I just gave up, and went back to Bluehost.  Not my favorite place in the world, but there’s something to be said for running wordpress on LAMP, and with people who do it for a business.  M6.net, gives you a ton of features, especially in the asp.net/SQL realm.. but PHP is running on IIS (windows servers) and it’s just inherently not as stable..  furthermore all their MySQL databases were running localhost on the IIS servers..  Again, tons of features, but just not reliable at all for what I was doing.

So here I am, on Bluehost.com with 5 of those sites, some 5 months later.. and not one downtime.  Im happy.. I have my life back, they have my $7 a month (well $5, I had a promo coupon).  I don’t have Asp.net, or SQL server….but I do have a dev server in my basement that has those.  In hindsight, I think M6 is probably best used as a dev environment, in that there are so many features and technologies they provide, and you don’t have to worry so much about uptime on a dev box.

Here’s just a tiny sample of the downtime issues I had with M6.Netuptime 1 uptime 2