“The Descent” by Jeff Long

This is a book I am going to remember for a very very long time.  Jeff Long is suprisingly literary, a real treat.  Lovecraft. Journey to the Center of the Earth. Subterannean lost human(oid) races… Sprinkle bits of Hellraiser, and round it off with some anthropology, mysticism and a teeny Tao. 

Btw, this book is in no way related to the film of the same name..  this book is far more epic and thought provoking and relies less on the terrifying and shocking elements in the movie, though there are plenty of scenes of gore and sadism.  I felt at times that the first 300 pages of this 700+ page journey could have been fleshed out (no pun intended) to be a book unto itself.  Nevertheless, despite this shortcoming I am as affected by the Descent as I was the first time I read my first Lovecraft book.


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